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Dr Ali Kazmi

Basic & Aestheic Dermatologist

“With more than 30 years of experience as a​ Dermatologist based in Lahore, Pakistan. My​ patients appreciate the knowledge, wisdom and​ professional integrity, that defines my medical​ practice. Therefore, I am determined to provide the​ best of services in the basic and aesthetic field of​ dermatology​”​

Dr Ali Kazm​i

Dr. Ali Hasnain Kazmi, son of Late Dr. Ghulam Shabbir, the first dermatologist in Pakistan, ​graduated from King Edward Medical College in 1986. He completed his post-graduation in ​Dermatology at Saint John's Institute of Dermatology, Guys & Saint Thomas's Hospital, London, ​U.K. After returning from the U.K., he worked as a Medical Officer in the Department of Dermatology ​at Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Currently, Dr. Ali Kazmi exclusively practices at his private clinic in Model ​Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

With international publications in Paris and New Delhi on laser therapy for Asian skin, Dr. Ali Kazmi is ​recognized as one of the pioneers of Laser Hair Removal in Pakistan. In addition to his expertise in ​basic dermatology and laser therapy, Dr. Ali Kazmi offers certified top of the line procedures for skin ​rejuvenation, including Botox therapy and filler treatments for aging skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Contemporary country house facade in winter

Pioneer of Laser Hair Removal in ​Lahore, Pakistan

Experience the future of hair removal with Dr. Ali ​Kazmi, a true pioneer in Lahore. Dr. Kazmi's ​expertise extends globally, with international ​research contributions in Paris and New Delhi ​dedicated to Laser Hair Removal treatments.

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to silky, ​smooth skin. Trust Dr. Ali Kazmi's experience and ​expertise for your Laser Hair Removal needs. ​Schedule your consultation today and experience ​the confidence that comes with hair-free skin. Your ​journey to effortless beauty starts here.

Basic Dermatology concerns

Contemporary country house facade in winter

Basic Dermatology concerns

With 30 plus years of experience in dealing with ​diagnosis and concerns related to the South Asian ​Skin. And with having the best of international ​academia exposure with regards to Dermatology. ​Dr Ali Kazmi is considered to be one of the leading ​Dermatologist (in Pakistan) for Basic Dermatology ​concerns ranging from Acne, Pigmentation, Fungal ​Infections, reactionary effects and multiple other ​concerns. . Since our skin in fact is associated with ​numerous domain of functions, irregularities and ​diseases.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Following are the skin rejuvenation treatments ​available at Dr Ali Kazmi's clinic:_

  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Intralesional Injections
  • Microneedling
  • Mesotherapy
  • Electro Cautery
  • Derma Rollers
  • Chemical Peeling
  • Hydrafacial

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